Travel First Class in Nicole Lobegeiger 'Voyage' skywear - the finest quality travel accessories in the world.


Well-known Sydney-based make-up artist Nicole Lobegeiger is the creative head of Nicole Lobegeiger 'Voyage'.

Nicole knows more than a thing or two about long-haul flights.  In her line of business it's not uncommon to be on a plane at a moment's notice to an assignment anywhere in the world.  For many years Nicole strived to achieve the perfect balance of comfort and style in her choice of travel attire and accessories.  It was while she was on a month's long shoot for one of the world's leading  airline that she had the idea to create a range of Australian-made luxury travel accessories.

Nicole immediately started searching for a raw material that typified the essence of the Australian countryside and lifestyle and that was sustainably grown and environmentally friendly.  After several years trialling various designs and manufacturing processes,  in 2012 Nicole was ready to launch her range.

Blessed with the Woolmark seal of approval, the Nicole Lobegeiger 'Voyage' limited edition range is produced in Australia by Italian artisans to the highest standards of manufacturing.  The result: a range of truly sumptuous First Class travel accessories.

Each item in the range has been designed to be super light, practical and timelessly modern with a focus on maximum in-flight comfort.

Available in two colour ways - navy and beige merle - all items in the range can be purchased individually, or as a pack.

The pack consists of a unique contoured eye mask, a versatile cape/blanket, a face-saving silk pillowcase, warm stay-up socks and a stylish unstructured accessories bag.


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Nicole Lobegeiger 'Voyage' believes in:

* Australian made and owned products

* Environmentally friendly, sustainable materials

* Preserving the environment

* Fair trade and employment policies.