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On-Board Sleeping 'Splurge Secrets'

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Getting off to sleep on a longhual flight is much easier when you armed with the right equipment.  We reccommend bringing your own pillowcase, a sleep enducig facial mositurizer and a bedtime spray.   Our silk with wool underside pillowcase is gold, it helps prevent crease lines on your face while keeping your hair fizz free, smooth and sleek.  When you're ready to pop off to the land of slumber, give a light misting of This Works 'Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (mecca cosmetica)  to your pillow and apply Tata Harper's  'Aromatic Beadtime Treatment' to your face and neck. Sweet dreams.

Comfort Seekers

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Calling all comfort seeking travellers. No matter what airline or class your flying the key to making it a pleasant experience is to take it all with you. It's the little luxuries that make a difference.  Wrap yourself in our cape, cover your eyes in our contoured eye mask, bring one of our silk and wool pillowcases and keep your feet warm in our socks. 

Inflight Necessities - the sounds of silience

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Kids, we love them. Honest. But, we don't want to sit near them onboard a plane. (sorry mums and dads) An unhappy todler and a crying baby reek havoc on our nervous systems and make for a long and stressful flight. One way to reduce the sound is with noise cancelling earbuds.  Less bulky than the headset style. We love these ones by Hush $150. The worlds first smart earplugs. Plus we love that they're made with kickstarter.

The Art of Packing

We've let our butler go since viewing Louis vuitton's Art of Packing. 

We highly recommend watching the art of packing video's by Louis Vuitton.  There are 3: ladies, mens and the week ender.  Their packing tips include the the best of both worlds - 'roll' and 'fold' plus other techniques like how to keep collars from going bonky.

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