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The Art of Packing

Luxury Traveller Tips 

Little essential to ensure you're fashionable accessorised abord your flight

Packing your hand luggage, or carry on bag is as important as packing your suitcase, especially if you are boarding a longhaul flight. Below our must have onboard essentials

For comfort: eyemask, cape/blanket, socks, silk pillowcase, slippers/scuffs, a chnage of underwear, spare t'shirt, headache pills

Incase your luggage gets lost: change of clothes,electronic charging device, small bag of essential make-up items

Entertainment: headphones, electoronic device, book and or magazines.

Toiletries: make-up wipes, hydrating and soothing face oil, barrier cream(to lock in moisture and prevent your skin dehyrdrating), toothbrush, comb/hairbrush, lipbalm



4 essentials elements for sleeping on a plane

Travelling to distant shores usually involves eight hours or more confined aboard a plane.

The journey itself is far better when you’re cocooned in luxury. So, it pays to think ahead and prepare for the flight.

If you are comfortable you are much more likely to sleep, which is essential if you want to arrive at your destination in peak physical condition. Adequate sleep is vital to avoiding puffiness around the eyes and maintaining vibrant skin.

There are crucial 4 elements for getting off to sleep on a plane.

 1.   QUIET – noise cancelling headphones and silicone ear plugs

 2.   DARKNESS – eye mask – the lights out effect signals the brain to sleep

 3. +  4.  COMFORT + WARMTH – a blanket, pillow and unrestricted feet. Feet need to be kept warm. Wearing socks will keep you warm and encourage circulation.       Your body temperature drops in temperature during the flight through lack of physical activity. Keeping yourself warm is essential to maintaining a comfortable body temperature and staying asleep.

With these requirements in mind, I designed the penultimate, highest quality, First Class in-flight travel comfort items.